Sharing videos

How can I share videos in Shapr3D forum? I am not able to share them.

What platform are you using? iPad?

You need to go into iPad’s Shapr app settings and allow camera in Shapr

Shapr is a setting to show the pen and finger gestures that make it easier to follow along (tutorials)

There are 3rd party apps for recording tutorials, but the iPad had a built in tool to do that.

Keep in mind video’s take a lot of storage and so an external youtube account will be needed for videos of any length.

I’m too lazy to make a youtube account ( frankly I don’t care for youtube much, they changed and cut a bunch of my diving vids out that I’d like to get back GRRRR!).

Goto settings and scroll down to Shapr. Turn on Display Pencil and touches.

I think I am using “Record it” from the app store. Haven’t used it much

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I use screen recording. And this the error when I try to sent the video.

I will try this app.

Upload your video to Youtube, then share the link here :slight_smile:

Can you share a video how can I do it ??

You can also keep your video very small by reducing size, resolution and frame rate in iMovie. That’s what I’ve successfully done.

Google is your friend. (Well not really, they are tracking every move you make) :sweat_smile:

Thank you sir. It worked.