How to modify the circle shape?

Hello, I’m new to shapr3D, I would like to create a circle shape, but have more anchor so I could transform some of the anchor to create a shape like the image below …

but after some search, still can’t find a solution, may somebody could give me an advise?

Use “Spline” to make your shape. You can take a picture of your paper sketch there and then import into Shapr3D and trace it. I like to set the opacity of the picture pretty low so I can see through it when I do that.

Hi @Yepher , thanks for reply.
I know how to use Spline to create a 2D shape, but what I need to to create is like a circle, but actually, you could see the “wave” effect applied on the side.
Sorry for my bad explanation, or is there any suggestion like video tutorial I could follow?

I am sure I am misunderstanding what you need. But a circle is a “2D” shape too :slight_smile: But maybe what you mean is it can be extruded?. If you close a spline you can extrude it too. I

I will assume you want a “3D Circle” which is a sphere with a wave cut away. This is a quick video of one way to do that. I drew the wave with a spline, mirrored it, and then extrude it. Then just subtract the sphere and the shape to get the end result.

Or do you really mean a “circle” that is warped in the Z-axis? If so I don’t know how to do that. But you can approximate it with a 3D shape that is sliced thin. So the cross section of a cylinder. It would be essentially the same thing I demoed above.

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here is a sample project if you are looking for a “thin” circle warped in the Z-Axis

Top View

45°ish view


shapr3d_export_2021-01-23_08h48m.shapr (144 KB)

Thanks again @Yepher , I guess this is exactly what I need :slight_smile:
Appreciate for your help!

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