How to organize projects (Windows)

I just started using Shapr3D for Windows yesterday so my question may seem trivial to the vast group of users. I am used to file menus (Open, Save, Save as, etc) and the closest to that I can find is Import and Export. Can someone direct me to a tutorial or guide to explain the best way to name files, control various revisions of a project, and the other basics before I even attempt to start my first design?
I’ve used CAD programs for decades and have never needed guidance before on such a fundamental question. I’ve watched several design tutorials and am excited to begin, but none of them address what I call file management. Without a clear understanding of the basics of file management I’m afraid I’ll lose work because of a silly mistake in saving a project.


Shapr3D indeed works very different than any other CAD app in this regard. Its operation is closer to other SaaS products like Google Docs, Miro or Canva. Workspaces live in the app and are saved & kept up-to-date automatically. You can export them into certain formats at various milestones, if you want to, or make copies within the app.

There’s no version/revision control available inside the app at the moment. We’ll definitely consider adding it in the future, but we don’t yet have a timeline for that. My current approach is to export & commit designs into a git repository when I reach important milestones and track them there. It works great for me, but I admit I’m coming from a developer background so tracking everything in git is second nature to me.

Optional, opt-in cloud backup & sync between devices is currently in closed beta and will be available to all users in a few months.


Whilst I respect your design-decision in this regard, I’ m (like many others) are not happy (at all) about it. When you start working with Shapr it seams to be a nice idea to work this way. Once you reach a certain level of expertise and your sketches are piling up one realizes, that this isn’t the best way of working. Things like a file / filesystem have served all of us for many decades - and for a good reason.
Besides the iPad-version, on a PC (Win, Mac) you have to store the sketches somewhere anyways. Then, why not store the sketches file based (even in a single folder would help). This way one could add them to versioning system (I still use SVN in my own ‘Intranet’). On Shapr-start you present under ‘Designs’ simply everything that’s in that folder (for the free version of Shapr only the first two or so).

I just found out that it already is that way (partly) under Windows. Under [C:\Users%USER%\AppData\Local\Packages\Shapr3D.Shapr3D_xxxx\LocalState\workspaces] are all the sketches stored. Their folder names are GUIDs and they in turn are organized somewhere else (probably another sqlite-DB). As a developer myself for decades I keep asking myself again and again: why do Software-Development nowadays has this big tendency to design / make simple things extraordinary complicated. A undeniable rule in everything that gets developed /build is: the more complex things are, the bigger is the chance / risk of breaking / failing. That applies to cars the same way as to software.
Sorry, JMTC :slight_smile:


Yep, you found the right place :slight_smile: However, be careful: we consider that folder to be an internal storage and there are 0 guarantees that interacting with the files there directly would not break things. Again, we’re absolutely considering finding a good way to expose the workspaces in a way that allows them to be managed directly by 3rd party tools for backup, version control, sharing and other functionality, but to keep that robust, user-friendly and cross-platform would require way more work than simply pointing git or SMB file sharing or anything else at this directory.