5.210 - Another step to seamless workflows

  • New: Shapr3D Sync is fully released. Enable Sync to easily access and edit your designs across devices, and to have them automatically backed up via the Shapr3D Cloud.

New on Windows:

  • New: Shapr3D now supports SpaceMouse on Windows.
    • Note that official certification of 3Dconnexion for the Windows version is in progress. Until that’s completed, a few features might be missing and you might need a few additional steps to configure your SpaceMouse. Follow the Windows instructions for help.
  • Improved: Files exported into Shapr3D’s native file format, .shapr, are now associated with the app. To import them into your workspace, double-click on them.

Hi Amanda

In case i have I-Pad with Shapr3D and desctop with windows…
Is it possible to sync files between those?

Sure it is possible! Feel free to enable Sync and give it a try :rocket:

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My sync is turned on, I only work on my iPad, well at the moment anyway. However where does the file save to, I cannot find it on my ‘normal’ iCloud Drive.
If I want to save files in project folders will this work? If so how do I go about setting all this up.
Sorry file handling and IT ISSUES, is not a strong point for me.

No worries at all,

The files are stored on your iPad in the app folder of Shapr3D. If you enabled sync, the files are also continuously uploaded to Shapr3D Cloud. It is a closed system at the moment.

If you are looking to create project folders of Shapr3D designs, please export the designs as a Shapr3D design to make sure all your modeling elements are transferred. This way you can save them anywhere outside of Shapr3D. Please note that they will not be synced after storing them outside of Shapr3D.

iCloud Drive is a different topic. If you wish to create a backup, you should set up to create backups of Shapr3D also.

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Hi Peter
The files are stored on your iPad in the app folder of Shapr3D. If you enabled sync, the files are also continuously uploaded to Shapr3D Cloud. It is a closed system at the moment.

ON THIS SPECIFIC POINT. Does this mean that the files are saved to Shapr3D files, that I cannot retrieve from? BUT in the event I loose or my ‘system’ crashes you will be able to retrieve my designs?


You can retrieve them anytime by exporting a design as a Shapr3D Design. The designs are stored as a file that can only be opened from Shapr3D but even if your system crashes, there is a backup in Shapr3D Cloud and a support team who is ready to help in these unfortunate situations.

If you ever have an issue like this, please make sure to contact us immediately and do not remove Shapr3D from the device.

I’d like to better understand the problem that you need to solve. Is your issue that you use a backup mechanism where you want to store your data? Is that for collaboration or data safety purposes?

Sure, we get a lot of feedback and feature requests, but I’d love to better understand your specific use case and workflow. Can you tell us a bit about the problems that you want to solve? That helps us a lot with coming up with the right solution.

Has there been any improvement in being able to use S3D on my desktop and laptop Mac? I want to be able to design on my desktop and then take the design on my laptop to my CNC/3D Printer.

Previously, every time I launch S3D on one, it invalidates the license on the other, and I was told this is somehow related to syncing, except you have syncing between iPad, Mac and Windows, so now with syncing in the cloud, can I use S3D on both my Macs?

Hi @peternlewis, we’ve tweaked the livense management a bit, and now it’s a bit more permissive, so you should not run into this issue.

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Awesome. So does that mean syncing will happen between my two Macs, or should I avoid syncing?

Syncing will happen across all your devices :slight_smile:

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So given I have some designs on each of my Macs currently, when I turn on syncing, what will happen to the designs? Is syncing/non-syncing a per-design thing, or is it all or nothing, and if so, definitely what happens to the designs that exist independently currently?



All designs will show up on both devices, so you will get “duplicates”, which you need to remove manually, after that if sync is on, you will have the new designs on all devices once. Currently it’s an all or nothing feature.