How to Undo Union?

I recently finished one of my objects and made it all “union” which is great but now I need to amend one part of this object and I am having trouble trying to figure out how to seperate?:weary:

Some help here on how to do this would be great please?

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We can’t undo it. But there should be a ununion option.

if you have not already left the workbook, the undo arows in the left bottom corner

If you are using union multiple times on a complex body, best to save copies in a folder. Kinda like snapshots.

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I think I might offer a suggestion to the developers of Shapr3D, perhaps a sub option under the union tool to be able to seperate and go back to amend if need be. Let’s face it, sometimes you just have to go back to change things for whatever reason and I believe I’m not the first or last person here that will experience this!

Hi! There is an option to keep the original bodies after applying the tool. In this case, if two bodies are unioned and the Keep Originals option is set to Yes, the result will be three bodies. The merged one and the two originals. Could that be a solution?


Thanks KPeter, I had a little experiment with some objects and I get how it works now. The only thing I find strange is you have to remove the union top object(s) to discover the originals underneath. This probably explains why like magic things where underneath some of my recent projects lol.

This is something I really dislike in Shapr3d, there are some dead ends the program lets you enter and no way to turn around. This is one of them. Hey you forgot to keep the originals? Yeah well why did Shapr not keep the originals for you? So start over, much fun. Oh and first go to the forum and learn about the dead end you leaped into.
Id really like the guys to clean up the dead ends. Another one would be no additional points if you offset a spline. No warning to better copy it. The lower the experience the more dead ends you will enter. The experienced will know what to do and not enter them. I am pretty much at the start of the learning curve, its not steep but damn those dead ends. Hate them.
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