I can’t open file

I have problem for open a File

Sorry to hear that. Can you share more information about the problem?

Hello Itsvan,
My name is Alberto and I spoke with some college and he can not help me. The problem is that some files don’t open, I can wait for several minutos and nothing. What can I do?

You can imagine that I have working in this project during months and it’s very important.

Thanks and regards.

Finally I have opened one file, I have been waiting for ten minutes. The iPad and the app have the last actualization.

You can check the problem, I don’t no why and how but I have a lot of draws in 2D.


Can you help me please?
Thanks and regards.

Hey Faceteipsum!

Based on your video I believe it took so long to open the file because of the many drawings in it.
Could you please share your original file for investigation?