I dont understand direct Modeling!

Hi just wanted to ask what is your Workflow and mindset for direkt Modeling?
I mean i dont understand why direct modeling is faster or More flexible than parametric modeling.
If i want to Build something like a Box for a cabinet at first i just know i want it to be Open at the top, 4 Walls and a baseplatte. Next Stepp would be to Measure the cabinet for height width and depth and change my Parameter. Next i Go to the Hardware Store get Some Wood change the thickness on my Parameter and im done. With direkt Modeling i have to know this all at the beginning or it will be a mes to change the thickness of 5 (for More komplex Models Maybe 20/50 Parts etc). Or even at designing things like a mesh or repeating pattern like a ventilation grill if i want to look if more or less holes or more or less diameter looks better its just 2 clicks in parametric and in direkt Modeling its a lot of selecting and not very intuitive. I often discovered that doing changes Later is much More complicated in direkt Modeling than parametric and doing quick changes is claimed to be the key Feature of direkt Modeling. So were is my mistake ? I realy want to understand the mindset of direkt modeling cause i love the look and feel and Mobilty of shapr3d.

Hello Quigonlong,

In this list so many specialists and I not one…but I give you the link of a brilliant demonstration about what is direct modeling compare to parametric. Hope this help you !

Webinar from Shapr3d

If I remember correctly the wonderful teacher start to explain parametric then, around 20 minutes he shows the direct modeling technic.

And also :

Didier from France


Oh boy, what a statement.

Your perception is only yours, which modeler you choose to have things done is your business.

I am using parametric 3D professional CAD programs on daily basis since last century, as I am older than internet :smiley: (watched cartoons on black and white tv as kid).

Pain from parametric modeling can be shown by questions like:
How many times you’ve got error on model update after modification of base sketch?
How long it took you to find which constrain missed parameters?
How many other modeling features got errors because other error?
How long you wait for program to start, refresh, etc…?
How many times you’ve been pushed to spend money for one way upgrades because you use older program version than your client?
How many times you need extra paid translator to import things between expensive parametric programs?

I agree that with parameters you have more control over much more steps in few clicks (if you modeled thing correctly).

Since 3 years as I have Shapr3D I can start IPad and modeling my ideas within 1 minute.

Compare your CAD here. Start computer 3min start program 5 min select correct template click here there… oops not there… etc updates, typing values…

… while I already finished modeling and shared step file with client.

Shapr3D is always there where I need it.
If I am asked for review I receive step files, and within few minutes I have feedback based on screenshots and my markups.

That’s my point of view and use case scenarios. I think with Shapr3D I am at least 10x faster, saving a lot of time , and can do more things now without waiting for parametric CAD to open.

In professional environment where we design module with 80+ engineers working in concurrent engineering methodology, Shapr3D cannot be used for real mechanical design, however I used it on few meetings to quickly explain design intentions. You can’t do it in normal CAD if 15 min meeting left.

I hope my case will help you to understand why some people prefers freedom of direct modeling.

All the best