I modeled my guitar

Took me a little bit of trial and error- but I think it turned out okay. Hope you like it


And here is a 3D render of it in blender


Nice job!
How did you model the strap?

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Thank you!

I used the Loft tool like this:

The more I model, the more I realize how useful loft is for complex shapes.


Great job on the strap. Yes, the Loft tool is quite powerful.
FWIW, my favorite tool is Replace Face :slightly_smiling_face:


Are the tuners functional models?

Kind of? I just assumed it was a worm gear inside the little boxes.
It’s my first time making one, so the proportions are probably really wrong. Way to much gear and too little thread.


Nice PRS, I guess the inlays were a bit tricky. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I couldn’t really think of a way to take a pattern and make it follow a curve. I’ll keep trying though

I used to have a Vai Ibanez some time ago. Wouldn’t dare to try modelling the tree of life inlay. :sweat_smile:


Oh wait, I misunderstood what you were talking about. The bird inlays were not too bad, I just imported a close up picture and did some fit control spline.

I thought you were talking about these things on the edges:
(Also, very nice Vai! I used to have an older acoustic Ibanez, but I dropped it by accident and it’s neck kinda cracked/split :sweat_smile:)