Lofting a Guitar

Hi All,

I am trying to loft a guitar arch top profile but I am not having luck.
The issues are as follows,

  1. when I offset and move to make a layer to add depth sometimes the lines break some stay on the original plane?
    2)With this example I cannot get the loft to function at all
  2. with this shape I find the loft unpredictable

So how do I get the loft to work, do I have to provide an edge profile? I have done that, but I still don’t get what I want as loft can go a bit crazy on the horns of the guitar where the offsets get close.

When I do a circle loft works perfectly doing the same technique but on irregular geometry shapr is struggling

or is it my technique.

The front view showing the lines is to create depth for the loft profile showing how I am doing it.



Why do you choose using loft for this? Isn’t the filet would be better? Or if filet doesn’t give you needed curve then use sweep.

Hi Xdrakosha,

Fillets no luck at all, most of the time it cant do it, sweep Im not sure how to go about it.



Can you share WS with profile of the guitar so I don’t have to redraw it. Just want to experiment with filets, don’t know why they don’t work for you.

To use sweep you can draw a small profile on the edge of the guitar body then sweep around guitar profile and then subtract the result from guitar body.

loft.shapr (146.8 KB)
Try the file

I don’t see any problems with filets

Here is how you can use sweep and even add filet after that.

Hi Xdrakosha,

I am not trying to do a fillet I am trying to do a curved arched profile from the center and sweeps from the top to the bottom following the profiles I have set around the guitar.
Check this top on the guitar Im trying to achieve this profile without the cutouts.

If you look at the file from the side view you will see the layers at differing levels as I was trying to get the loft to follow those profiles to achieve the arch top.



If you do a ‘guitar’ forum search, you’ll find many topics.

This is where a “dome” feature like solidworks has would come in handy. To select the face and hit Dome and enter the height.

I know what you are looking for. Others might help demonstrate if Shapr can still do it, still early for me and it’s not working on my Surface.

I’ll try it on my PC.

You used to be able to project a line or shape onto a face on a body and then warp that body by pulling the line or shape upwards (or downwards) with the move tool. Made some cool distortions on the face of the body. Soon as I have had enough coffee I will go out into my shop and try it.

Hoping they haven’t done away with that.

One method… is imagine the guitar split in half. Draw a rectangle, then the profile you want to achieve with a spline on that particular face. On another plane offset X-distance away (1/2 the width of the guitar) you can have a basic rectangle. Loft those together. Mirror.

Use your existing shape profile and project it onto the surface or another plane above the new body with a big ass rectangle around it. Use the negative to cut away the excess, voila guitar shape with a domed body.

Having the domed profile you can adjust it with parametric to make sure details are right. This can even allow an S shaped profile.

Would something like this be of use? I used the Intersect tool to create the arch top

So it seems they dumped that feature which would have given you what you wanted. Disappointed.

I think this is what you had in mind.
@CRUTHERFORD , here’s a tricky way to warp a surface using Move-Rotate of a projected sketch on a surface.

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I was trying to show that. I have tried a multiple ways and it’s not working for me.
Are you running a beta version?

Using latest version from the iPad App Store.
Use Move-Rotate on the selected projected sketch. Do not try push-pull like when extruding.

Not working. :sleepy:

That’s puzzling.

Can try projecting it as an edge instead of a sketch?