I would like to be not notified for every post in this Forum

Hi Guys.

So yeah, i get notifications for like everything. How would i turn this off?



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LoL I already have a post in here about that, others have the same problem but no answers yet…

Oh lol yeah seems like this effects quite a few people :rofl:. My Mail-inbox is flooded since i get also an Email for every notification​:sweat_smile:.

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I had the same issue and resolved it by going into my profile and removing “Watched” categories. This was under the “Notifications”, “Categories” menu. See the attached image for a better explanation.

Ah sweet thanks, how come this is set by default? I have over 150 mails in my inbox now🙈

Good Job, on my Mac it was a little different Screen so it was hard to find…But i git it…Thanks

Thanks for sharing this! You can also tap on the Notification option under Preferences to adjust when you to be notified or turn all notiffications enitirely.

It’s even easier, you can just click on the link in the notification email that everyone has received…