Is there a Setting for this Forum I am missing?

It seems I am getting topics, that I never subscribed to, and when i go to visit the topic, they are all set to watching, So I go in change them to Normal or whatever it is, I’m not use to this, and more keep popping up that i never even looked at or subscribed to…

Is there something i did wrong to get them, or what do I need to do? Never happened before… I might have posted a couple of questions then all of a sudden all of these posts keep on giving lol

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I have the same problem. :frowning:

Ah!, at least I am not crazy…this is a problem why we are receiving it seems everything that is written in the forum

Hi Mike, if you already have posted on a thread, anytime there is a new post on the thread you get notified.

However, you click on the bell icon by the post to mute the notifications as shown in the attached image

Nope that is not how it is working, i get notified of every post, even if i did not reply to a thread at all…another person just complained about it also

Yup still getting them also, I never replied on any post, and i get every post it seems…

Here is one right here I never replied to ever…

Same problem, this is my first post on the forum, however i got all of this thread and others as an email.

Bob Kerman

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Here’s a great thread on how to disable or adjust the notification settings and I hope this helps: