Import photoscan as mesh in full color?

So I’m trying to create a workflow for my company. We need to design telco cabinet sites for our clients, and they’re looking for a 3D design that’s built on top of the terrain. My idea is to make a crude photoscan of the job site using Polycam (or any similar app on the iPad), import the scan into Shapr3D, and build out the equipment on top of it.

The problem is that I can’t seem to find a way to make the scan show up in Shapr as anything but a plain solid color mesh. I’ve tried every file format I can think of, and a bunch of conversions. No luck. Does anyone know of a way to make the scan look the same in Shapr as it does in Polycam? I’d love to keep the whole workflow on an iPad if possible, but we may have no choice but to get a windows laptop and some other CAD software involved.

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Would you like the textures to be shown in Shapr3D?

I need it to look like this.

I most certainly would.

I see, makes sense! Very interesting use case, and we’ll definitely look into this.


You can add both the 3D model from shapr3D and the 3D scan with full colour into Reality Composer as USDZ

I’ve the “same” need.

I use Polycam to make a 3D scan by clients, to ease the first implementation of machines. Because the places are sometimes messy, or filled with material, the mesh without colors doesn’t make sense. With color, it’s easy to see what is movable or not for exemple.

Thank you, you absolute legend. This works perfectly. I had resolved myself to having to bring everything into Unreal Engine on my laptop, but this enables me to do it all on my iPad.

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It´s always a pleasure to be helpfull :slight_smile: Enjoy