Important: public release

We have been busy with fixing bugs in the last few days, and Shapr is getting in shape! (Badummtsss) This means that the public release is almost here, and this has some important indications for you.

  1. Our developer account is changed. Until now we used my personal dev account, but we will do the release with our corporate account. This means that the app you will be able to download from the App Store, will be installed as a new app, so you won’t be able to access your files from the newly installed app.

We strongly recommend to export your files to .SHAPR format that you will be able to open with the new app. Otherwise when the beta period ends, you won’t be able to access your old files.

  1. The app will still be free, but with limitations. All the modeling features will be free, but in the free version you will be limited to 3 workspaces and low quality STL export. The pro version will feature unlimited workspaces, high quality STL, STEP, IGES (and .SHAPR :slight_smile: ) export.

Just wanted to wish you all well for the public launch of Shapr. You have got a really fantastic app and I am sure that it will do well. I have really enjoyed being involved in the testing of the app - you have been very responsive and it has been great fun! Best wishes to all of the team at Shapr. Andy


I would like to dito @awoodhead comment. It has truly been a pleasure watching and being a part of the evolution these past weeks. Much success, I predict, for the launch of the public release… everyone is in for a treat. I am excited to see where the future of Shapr goes from here as I think this is only the beginning. Again best wishes to the Shapr team and thank you for the opportunity of being part of the testing. John


Yes, I agree as well. Once the word gets out and more people try it and start reporting on it, the response is going to be great. This is going to be a major app and very popular.

It has really been fun being involved in a small way to see it develope, sort of behind the scenes from the public. I will certainly keep promoting it to my friends who think it is just amazing. And of course I told them they couldn’t have it yet!