Latest Beta is out with tweaked environments - 5.120 (3077)

Tweaked environments inbound! In the latest Beta, you’ll find:

  • Updated environments interface

  • Improved and new environment thumbnails

  • Updated environment names

  • Smarter environment properties: every environment will remember the properties you set for them


Daniel it is ok to continue to use the Shapr3d Visualization Beta, correct because I went to open it on my new 12.9 ipad pro and the app opens up but every time I try to load a design even the smallest ones shapr3d immediately crashes I did sent the report to the tech support but have not heard anything back from the, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Thanks for the report. We are looking into the issue. Until then, can you share a little bit about these workspaces.

  • Are these design already in the app? Or you import them as .shapr files?
  • Have you used any other Beta (blue logo app) than the Visualization one?


Thanks for the report!
We already have a good idea of what is happening and checking if we can fix it. In the meantime, all workspaces that weren’t opened in the previous beta, and all new workspace should work, the issue is only with the ones opened in the previous beta.

Update: seems like we can’t fix the issue, so the workspaces opened in the pervious beta version ( 5.120 (3045) ) won’t open. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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So what would be the correct work flow testing for the Beta Versions, use it with a minimum of my designs and use the released shapr3d for all my more important and released designs. I hope the sync option is coming very soon because this would be very helpful.

Thank you

For work, it’s always best to stick with the Release app. In betas, we can’t guarantee compatibility, and some features tested in it might not make it to the production app.

Ok thanks for the quick reply still really like the shapr3d software do you have any improvements to the drawing side of shapr3d in the near future.

Thank you

I did notice the the main shapr3d app (not the beta blue logo app) version is only at 5.100 is this going to get updated soon. since you suggested to use the main app for the designs.

Thank you

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5.110 is already out, if you go to the App store, and look for Shapr, it should give you the update option. :slight_smile:

There is definitely still a lot to do on the drawings side, so it’ll get updates for sure. Can’t promise near future though.

As a workaround for the crashing workspaces, we suggest installing the previous beta (3045) and exporting the workspace in x_t format, then update to the current version and import the x_t file.

I actually had all of my designs backed up as shapr3d ext. in a different location so i did not lose anything and have re-imported some of them into the latest Beta version which is working fine it was just a pain to do. As a fail safe i have been backing up my important design in a different location so i do not lose them. I will continue to test the Beta versions but will use the Released version for doing final designs in. Also i had told you incorrectly the released version of Shapr3d I have is at 5.110 I was just curious the it has not caught up with the latest Beta version yet.

Thank you for your Help.

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Hey there,

I have also had this problem, all of my designs wont open.

From now on i will just use the standard shapr3d and just export things to use in beta when needed.

In the mean time, how do i install the older sharp to export all of my designs?


hi~why i can’t get the new version push?

In Testflight, click on the “Previous builds” button where you will see all the ones from the last 90 days you have access to.

Hello, is there a file format that will save sketches as well as objects that I can open in my Shapr3D app (not beta)?

Can you tell me if there is a max. size limit on exporting files specifically the designs that are exported for Apple AR because i have a design that i exported to USDZ file and everything shows up except for one part which is a pretty large part of the design.

Thank you

No, the best you can do is export the bodies in X_T, and the sketches in DWG format, then import them, to the same workspace.


There is no max limit, everything depends on what your device can handle, especially how much memory it has.

But it might not be the issue here, please contact our support team with both the usdz and the original file in shapr format, as well as the device information so they can investigate.

I still don’t have 5.120 available to test, either on iOS or macOS. My TestFlight lists 5.110 as the latest version.