Imported image disappearing

Mac OS 13.1, Shapr 5.28.4 (tried previous version too)

When I imported an image to trace, it was fine. I traced, did a revolve, and then the image is gone. Well it’s there but I cant see it. 100% opacity, isolation mode, it’s just gone and I have no idea how to get it back. As mentioned I tried upgrading Shapr but that was a bust.

Exit from Isolation Mode.

I tried isolation mode to get it to show up, I was not initially nor am I now in isolation mode.

Did it get covered up from the revolve?

A screen shot will help.

If I isolated it, tried to make it huge and tried to move it but cant see it, would the revolve still block it?

Can you post a screenshot, with the Item Menu open?

That view in the screen shot looking straight on the right side view, and if the picture is sitting on the XY plane, it won’t be visible. This may seem like a silly request, but if you double tap on the orientation cube to reset the home view, does it become visible?

Also, if you tap to highlight the picture item in the menu list, does the move/rotate/copy “widget” appear in the modeling space? If not, does a “zoom to selection” button appear in the top of the modeling space?

Outside of this, other than sharing your .shapr file, I’m not sure what else it could be.