Importing models

Are you going to add support for importing from Google Drive, OneDrive etc? Couldn’t make head or tail of the import instructions in the current version.

In theory you can already import from any cloud provider that is set up on your iPad. Just tap on “Locations” after you selected iCloud from the import screen.

In iOS 11 though it will be even simpler as the Files app will congregate all your files into one place.

One problem though that we haven’t been able to figure out yet is that Google Drive doesn’t recognize the file types so for now you can’t import using that service. We hope we’re gonna be able to fix that soon.


Actually we just checked, in iOS 11 beta Drive works as well :slight_smile:


I see, thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I have come back to iOS after a few years.

BTW do you know if it will be possible to access shared network drives via the Files app?

I don’t know for certain but honestly I’d be pretty surprised if it worked that way