Inductor wire

How to drawing inductor wire


Here is my approximation.
I used Sweep for the coil and Revolve for the core. I rotated the top coil sketch 10° to the right and the bottom coil sketch 10° to the left and did a sweep. I copy rotated the coil 19.4° about the XYZ axis. The 19.4° is an approximation as I just eyeballed it. Anyway, this is one approach to create the inductor wire.


I wish I could see what commands you’re running. All I see are Redo commands as you’re twisting the path over which the coil sweeps.

I did a little bit of choreography solely for the video presentation. Once I got to the end, I did a bunch of Undo’s to where I wanted to start the video. I clicked record and then progressed with Redo’s with an ocasional pause for doing some screen navigation. Once done, I imported the iPad video in iMovie for a clean edit. So, basically, you’re seeing a bunch of Redo’s. Below is how I twisted the path at the coil top and bottom for your info.


Here’s the coil sweep and copy-rotate.