How to create twisted cable or wire?

Is there a way to create twisted cable or wire? I can create a helix using the revolve tool then copy and rotate it to make a twisted double helix shape, but the revolve tool only works with straight lines, not an arc or spline. I want it to look like flexible twisted wire (like the attached image). It there a way to create such a double helix shape and sweep it along a spline or some similar method that would create this effect?

Hi, one of our users has created a tutorial for this case, please take a look at it:


Perfect, this should work for my needs. Thanks.

Wow, that’s really tedious. Hopefully we’ll get 3D path support in the future to make that a whole lot easier.

It kind of works. Okay representation but it is an inaccurate spring model. Definitely a hack. Revolve on a path needed.