Is there a way to shell without losing a face

Is there a way to shell without losing a face, ie create a hollow item without using revolve or loft?

If the Body can be scaled down satisfactorily, e.g., Cube, Sphere or Bodies that are not too complex:

Transform > Scale Select Body 01 > hit the Copy Badge > slide the Scale downward to the appropriate %

Tools > Subtract > Select Body 01 > Next > Select Body 01(1) > Done

If you have a Flat Face Tap on it to Select and push the Double Arrows to verify that it gives the result expected
Alternatively use Tools > Color to make the Body transparent

If none of the above are suitable please supply a ScreenShot of the Design to be processed.

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Just simply select the entire body.


Fantastic, all this time I have been selecting a single surface, didn’t cross my mind to click entire object.
Thank you.