Is there some way to 3D sketch...?

I’m new to this type of modeling, I’ve done 3D modeling in Blender for a few years and this is completely different.

I’m asking that question because I can’t find other way to model a car… I’m really lost in this.

All help is appreciated!

I don’t know anything about Blender but you need to move to a 3D mindset. The 3D tools are very powerful and go beyond 3D sketching. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube. In particular, a series for an airplane has lots of similarities for any car/vehicle.

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I’ve watched part of that tutorial series but it doesn’t let me have control like this solid works tutorial:

I don’t know if solid works have the same workflow as Shapr3D but it seems similar.
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This would be a bit hard in Shapr3D currently, because we don’t have surfacing tools yet, we have been focusing on solid modeling until now. For something like that you would need curve networks and other sophisticated surfacing tools.

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So there won’t be any of those tools coming soon?
Isn’t there some work around…?

…and G2 - G3 blends :wink:


That’s actually the easier part. It comes with Parasolid out-of-the-box.

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What’s that?

Great! :+1: