Just quickie please

Hi, it could be very simple but I still cant find a solution….

How do I fill this gap to make the surface even? Thanks in advance!

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If it’s the slots you want to close, it’s simple enough.

Thanks a lot for explanation!

The surface is “flat” so it doesnt allow me to extrude like you did there…
Can I not just fill the blank with any button? :thinking:

It must have some thickness, even if it’s only a mm. Zoom in as far as you can until you can click on it.

Maybe you solved it but if for any reason extrude does not work, you could draw a rectangle which fully covers the slots. Extrude that as a new body, while making sure it is thicker than the bottom you are closing. Then use Replace Surface to align the top of the rectangle with the upper surface of the bottom an again to align the bottom of the rectangle with the lower surface of the bottom. Last step is to Union that rectangle with the main body. Sounds complicated but it isn’t.