Fix the faces so they are flat?

Can some please smooth the top and bottom faces of this mesh so they are flat? I have been trying for a very long time and I usually keep cutting away making a larger hole. I really need it to be smooth and both sides.

And if you could demo how you do it and/or an easy way to do it, that would be awesome!

Thank you.

mask cap - solid.shapr (7.7 MB)

Hi, please can you attach an image marking out the faces you want to flatten.

I see that there is a somewhat flat bottom surface and a shelled top surface.

Correct, those would be the two. There are remnants of a previous hole in the mesh I had to patch but it gives me issues still.

Here you go.

Can anyone help? Please?

I really need this fixed so I can post it. I have requests for a blank cap so they can design their own custom images to wear while working the frontlines.


I’m not sure you can fix the mesh body. So I made a mirror copy of the mask that is now editable in Shapr3D. Let me know if you have any questions about how I created it.Mask duplicate.shapr (2.5 MB)

Hope that helps and I admire what you are doing.


Thank you.

Ok, I see you freehand sketched the base and extruded the mask. Gives me something to start with. I was hoping the dang mesh could be fixed. :unamused:

Well, the dimensions are off and I can not guarantee the fit now. Why does this have to be so hard? I just want to remove the bottom section and replace with a solid so it is flat. Ugh …

OK, Plan B. In this one I used an extrusion to remove the flat part of the mesh mask and replaced it with a Shapr3D body insert. This way the dimensions stay the same except for the flat part.
Mask with Insert.shapr (4.6 MB)
If this doesn’t work we can try Plan C.

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I tried that before but I can not get surface to be flat without the small raised edges. This has the same thing. What is your plan C?

I am thinking to try to do slices of the surfaces the bottom but I am not versed enough in S3D yet.

Check out this with Mask Cap - Solid (1) together with Insert (1).
Mask v3.shapr (4.6 MB)
The bottom surface should now be flat but there are some imperfections around the edges and inside.

Thank you for your time. Gave me some tricks for the future. I ended up breaking down and remaking the cap. Thankfully I still had enough references and measurements to get a pretty close approximation to the original.