Keyboard shortcut to snap body to Z0 (lay on face)

Has this feature been added yet and I’m just missing it? I understand we can snap two bodies together, but how can I simply put a body on the deck (so to speak) so it’s at perfect Z0 and I don’t have bodies floating around everywhere (wow this sounds sinister)


Just to add more context, I thought I could create a body just beneath the Z-axis then use Align tool to snap the bodies to that body, but when you do that it aligns to the centre of the new body so you lose your XY positioning.


So now my plan is to just use the body I created at Z0 to calculate the distance of how much I need to lower the other body to get it to Z0. Would be handy if you guys implemented a feature where you click in the measurement dialogue at the bottom of the screen and it copies the value to clipboard.

Also, this is a lot of work for what should be a relatively simple task

Here is easy way


Ah genius, what was the first bit you did to make the sketch from the body?


Thank you!