Landscape contours

Is it possible to create landforms using a plan with contours as a base ?

Hi @Suzoco Welcome to the Forum.

If what you need, a simple way of creating a Contoured Landscape could be achieved by the following:

Add > Construction Plane > repeat spacing the individual Planes appropriately > in the following Sketch > Spline has been used to form a Contour plus Lines to form a Closed Sketch.
Then use Tools > Loft to get the result shown:

Use the Cross Sections of your actual Contour to form the important top face of the Loft.
Repeating on additional Planes as needed.

If this is not helpful just shout. Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:


Hi ,

Thank you very much for this.

However I’m not sure if this will work.’

I’m looking for drawing a large landform for a park- small hills. Sandbox is used in sketchup.

Am I wrong that it isn’t possible to do something like in this video ?


It is basically a case of turning the above suggestion through 90º.

Importantly remember each Contour must be part of a Closed Sketch.

Firstly Import the Drawing of the Contours into S3D, using one of the File Types available.
Satisfy yourself that your overall Plan will fit. Zoom out S3D goes further than viewing anticipates.
The Construction Planes [CP] cover the entire area of S3D. Although the representative ‘white’ Rectangle only needs to be present and not full size:

Note the CPs are the same ones as those in my first Post above.

Double Tap with your finger on the CP then zoom out to ‘Trace’.
Having a different Colour Plan may be helpful?

Hide the Planes/Sketches you are not working on leaving only the those in use visible.
Arrange the Construction Planes at the heights of the Land that contain the Features being replicated.
Use Sketch > Spline to 'trace over the Contours.

S3D is amazingly capable. If you are prepared to experiment usually efforts are rewarded.

EDIT: The image above has been replaced by the intended image.