Large amount of mesh bodies

Hi, shapr imports meshes that don’t have joined vertices as separate bodies. while this is logical it also can be a problem at times.

for example, i created wood paneling on a facade in shapr consisting of many parts. since this is an architectural concept i wanted to keep the scene lightweight for work on ipad. So my idea was exporting as stl and reimporting to shapr as a single mesh so that the scene is clean and the paneling is just a very simple mesh.

While importing to a separate app like nomad sculpt it works as expected and the whole paneling is a single mesh and super light on memory however on import to shapr i get over 5000 meshes. This causes pretty slow loading of the file.

is there a workaround for this so that i can import meshes as single body? boolean doesn’t work cause there are gaps between meshes. thanks for any help