Left Handed

Is there not a way to move the menus to the right hand side on the PC version?

Go to Settings and under Interface select Right.
I too am a lefty.

No, unfortunately the left-handed layout option is only available on iPads for now.

Seriously? Any idea when this is coming? I read a forum post from '21 and one of your staff said it was coming “in a couple months”

I am almost entirely certain that it was me writing that forum post two years ago, so it’s only fair to have it quoted back at me :slight_smile:

We indeed wanted to do it, but as reasonably small company, we always need to prioritize ruthlessly and make careful decisions about what to invest in. Given that the overwhelming majority of our Windows users are on desktops and even on iPad where it’s available only 5-10% of users choose the left-handed layout, it’d be a feature that’d benefit less than 0.5% of our entire user base. And even for them, it’d be a convenience improvement as the app is perfectly usable in a right-handed layout even as a leftie – I know as I’m one and I’ve been using it every day since then. For now, we just couldn’t justify the investment and rather added things like keyboard shortcuts, context menu, multi-device sync, tremendous performance improvements and a new, easier-to-navigate UI layout – things that the overwhelming majority of our users will benefit from. That is, of course, besides the long list of modeling improvements. also released in the last two years.

I won’t make promises this time that could haunt me for two more years, but I’ll note one thing: the UI refresh that we’re rolling out in the coming weeks had us make many technical changes that’d make a left-handed layout a lot easier to develop than it was before. It’s still a substantial investment, though, especially as it introduces a lot of overhead in terms of ongoing maintenance & testing, so it’s still not a straightforward decision to prioritize it.