Lego 6949

Made from scratch. Brick by brick.

I started with an old CAD drawing of a lego brick, some understanding of brick sizing rules and the build instructions. Then I made every single brick down to the smalest detail.
At the end I had to merge all similar color connected bricks because it was pushing the limitations of my ipad and was crashing. Having the Lego logo on every single knob on all the bricks wasn’t helping.


Amazing work altogether.


That’s a real nice design. Before you know it, you will have a library of all types of bricks Lego has available and you could start creating your own Lego designs. Yesy text (and lots of it) will bring you to the limits of your hardware. Maybe move it over to a pc or mac with more memory resources?

That is awesome and something I had wanted to do also, but with the Batmobile. How long did it take you?

Nice work, and nice use of AR!

Way too long :sweat_smile: it was done in bulks over a year.

Again I drew every block «from scratch»
Offcourse I copied and modified blocks I had created. Like taking a 1x2 and make it into a 1x4

I started with something like this:

All dimensions are all divided by 0,4mm
1,6 mm is the height of a knop(with the logo) and 2,4mm is the radius
3,2mm is the height of a flat block
9,6mm Is the height of a regular block

And I used online resources like this page for referances.

That’s awesome…congratulations!