Lego set 6949

It´s a work in progress, but here is my try on rebuilding a Lego model completly from scratch.
And oh boy did this one take alot of time :sweat_smile: 430 pieces and counting:S I still have some pieces left I need to create, but I´m getting close.

I got this kit for Christmas back in 94. It was one of my favourite presents as a child. So of course this was the kit I went for when trying to model a lego set completely from scratch.

I would say it’s very close the original dimension, but I did have to make some assumptions.
I started with only a drawing of a lego piece with the correct units dimensions, and then I used the rules of lego pieces (most measurements can be divided by 1,6 or 0,8)
The part list for the kit came also in handy. LEGO 6949 Robo-Guardian Set Parts Inventory and Instructions - LEGO Reference Guide


I think I actually had this one, or at least I had something from this series. I clearly remember the colors.

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Btw I think I’m pushing the limits of the app/ipad :sweat_smile: with 430 individual pieces. All with multiple Lego logos on them :sweat_smile: and quite accurate details.

Let’s just say I have had a few crashes (on the beta app)

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