Lines and curve points

Hi does anyone know if you can translate points on a line or curve in any axis in Shapr3D? It seems that you can only move a point in the plane/axis the line/curve has been created in. It would be really good if there is a way to move a point in any x,y,z direction, even a free move function too.

You can use Tools > Project to manipulate Lines/Curves/Points.
Alternatively the Sketch could be Moved or Copied and Moved
In the ScreenShot the Sketch was Projected from the Left Rectangle to the Right Rectangle.
It is possible to place the Sketch on any surface.

I am unsure of the requirement:

Please can you explain further?

Hi - currently you can’t do that without the Transform tools, and even with that it’s somewhat limited, as you can only move the line itself.

In Move/Rotate you can select a line, adjust the pivot and rotate it in 2 directions.

In Translate tool you can move the line to a specific place in your workspace, by selecting the starting and ending point.

Are you planning to enable this feature?I think If it was only possible on the spline type free form curves for instance it would be immensely useful.Currently trying to draw a free form curve that is not aligned along a 2d axis to extrude a circle along (ie a pipe) is not really feasible.

Hi - have you tried using the Revolve tool’s height option?
Does this help?

Also, this video shows a pretty ingenious way (timestamped) to use Revolve’s height option as the basis for the Sweep spine: