Little trucks. I blame Romulus😀


The inspiration for this project was a post Romulus made a few weeks back. His drawing of a car lead me to have a go at the same topic to see what would pop out of the iPad.

Well here they are a family of little flat bed trucks.

And the 3D printed version as well

There are 8 versions so far with a lot more on the way.

The only problem I have is now Romulus has gone onto submarines! Does he never sleep!!?

Thank you for the inspiration and sharing Romulus.

Regards to you and your family

Best wishes



Paul you are absolutely unequivocally fantastically awesome!!! What a kick in the you know what!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses::+1:t2:

And yes, I’m currently day dreaming underwater right now!!! :crazy_face:

Great great work!!!:+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:



Amazing Paul! Thank you for sharing!