Truck 303 - 36ft. 5th Wheel Concept

I don’t know the first thing about trucks or trailers but I sure enjoy doodling them in Shapr3D!!
Nothing particular just laying things out as usual … details can come later or never…

All in fun!!

Shapr3D - Affinity Photo

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Cool! Thanks for sharing…


Thank You Tommy!

I grew tired of looking at the 42 ft blocked Motorhome looking reference I used for layouts and it’s a nice break just to doodle something without restrictions! :upside_down_face:

It’s a reference for some of my Earth Shelters and grow unit concepts I’ve been doodling recently … visual reference to size / space and such…:crazy_face:

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Did someone mention flying system? Oh, filing system … :joy: My filing system resembles a Junk yard of clutter at times depending on the project? :grimacing:

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I Added some more to the staging area … Most the items are roughed in and not too overly complex in shapes but still the ole iPad and Shapr3d are holding up quite well with this busy environment I keep adding to … mostly it’s a wip to a Never Ending Story…:joy:

Shapr3d and the iPad are certainly paving the way for building success as a team!

Dreams are made by Teams I think I might have read somewhere? :sunglasses: