Lofting Questions

I lofted my knife blade handle after copying the Workspace. The round end is the rear of the knife.

I tried lofting Front to Back, Back to Front, entire handle and section by section. But all I ever get are the streamline Dot controls at the rear. And they don’t seem to do much. From viewing example videos, I expected controls at each cross section. How does this work?


I figured out that hiding the cross section sketches cleans up the shape.

I lofted on a copy of the Cross Section Sketches Workspace. This seemed to be prudent if I wanted to modify the design. I see that you can Undo the lofted model back to the sketches. When would this no longer be possible? On closing the. App?



Hi Tommy

yes, when you close the app Undo is not possible, but if you delete your lofted body you will get the sketches (as they will remain on their original place)

As for the control points, they appear if there are fewer vertexes of a profile then which you loft it with. The first 5 profiles have an identical number of vertexes, only the circle on the bottom has 0. This is an automatic process, but we have plans to make it customizable, but it’s not in our short-term plans.

Ok Daniel, thanks. Good to know about the vertex number differences for control points.