Looking for hardware use cases


Hi Everyone,

We are looking for products that have been designed in Shapr3D! It can be in any stage, from idea to a running Kickstarter project.

We need you because we have been getting questions about the product design process and we plan to do a series featuring all stages of the product development. The best would be to show a real life product, with real life dilemmas.

If you have an idea, or you’ve already started production, don’t hesitate to contact us at daniel@shapr3d.com and let’s see if we can help other product designers reaching their goal by creating valuable and actionable content


Feel free to use the Hexabot Robot I designed with Shapr3D if it fits your needs.

This started as an idea and was solely created with Shapr3D, from start to finish. Hoping to find time for more things like this in the future.



We plan on designing several products with Shapr3D later this year. They will be for CNC machining.


We have designed a golf Auto Tee up training tool which launches at Kickstarter within the next 3 days!