Tequila Gun: Concept, design, manufacturing, production and distribution

Finally finished my product only using Shapr3D. Was a easy way using this app. Probably I would never finished my product if this 3D Model software were not available. Why? Because I only have a iPad, and to design a very complex product is necessary to have a workstation running a very expensive 3D Model software (SolidWork, Fusion or CREO) But fortunately I discover Shapr3D. And now I am ready to sell my product to airgun enthusiasts.

If someone is interesting in get a Tequila Gun, or only want to know more about this PCP pistol, you can contact me in the following social media.
Facebook: Mecha Innova
WhatsApp: +52 868 885 9793
email: mechainnova@gmail.com

Thanks Shapr3D to help me to do me dream reality!!!


Add a whole new meaning to giving someone a shot of tequila.