Magsafe inlay for Ridge Wallet

I wanted my Carbon fiber wallet to attach to my carbon fiber Mouse Limitless 4.0 magsafe case for my iphone 12. So I designed this magsafe inlay for the Ridge Wallet.
Thinking of either 3d printing it or getting it cut out with a CNC.


This is amazing! Would you be willing to share the design? Or sell produced copies?

I too have been printing holders which are compatible with ProClip dash mounts. This design is for the MagSafe charger, and holds my phone with my specific case. The holes are for cooling as the MagSafe charger heats the phone. The holes allow the A/C to help cool the phone.
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Ridge wallet MagSafe.shapr (3.7 MB)
Feel free to test it out. It might need some adjustments.

Did you ever get around to printing one out and using it?

I did for mine! Have made dozens for customers.