Ridge wallet with magsafe magnets

I made a diy hack to the Ridge wallet so you can attach it to the back of your Iphone 12-13

Rendered in Cadmio


Jigspace AUgmented reality


Updates with apple airtag and mouse magsafe case

Render is done in shapr3d beta

And Cadmio


Do you have this wallet available for purchase. Or is it just a picture. I’m new to this website so I’m not sure.

Im afraid I dont. I don`t min people copying it and printing it though .
The ridge wallet is a real wallet can be bought at www.ridge.com and the mobile case is from www.mous.com

For the Magsafe or airtag inlay, you will have to print it yourself.
The magsafe magnets can be bought from aliexpress. Or you can just cut open any magsafe cases.

I can`t promiss my design is correct, so you would have to measure yourself to be sure.
But here are the files:
Ridge wallet.shapr (4.5 MB)

Do you know what size magnets would work for this and possibly where I could buy them.

Just go to Aliexpress and search for Magsafe Magnets.

For another project I bought about 3 different magnets from Amazon and Alibaba and none of them are strong enough. Did you find ones that were strong that you would suggest?