Making a separate copy

So I need to copy this object I imported, but I want all the components to occupy a different folder when I make the copy. Is there any way to do this besides importing it once per copy or just making the copy then going through the tedious process of separating each duplicate bit into a new folder?


-Tap the transform bar then tap the folder (of what you like).
-The object shuold be highligted

  • slide the copy button and move the body paralell or vertical with the arrow.
    -open the folder then highlight the new body with double tap, in that case you will see what the new bodies folder
  • tap and hold and pull out the new folder and rename. Will got the new folder in group menu in different row.

If I understand what you’re saying correctly, that’s a royal pain with something like this as it has 224 objects within it.

Is there any down side to importing it again and again?

To make tests you can duplicate the worksspace and cant loose anything.

As i understand you need full of copy with all items.
Falow the steps:

Tap the trasform button
Tap the folder icon(what includes the full 224 item) will highlight the full body
Slide the copy button
Pull the highlighted object. In that case you will got an new object with full item
But the new folder will inside the previus
Open the folder, you can move the new bodies folder to anywhere, tap and hold and move.
Sorry far bad english