Duplicating folders

I need to duplicate folders . How can I do this? Now I simply move all the items from the folder and copy them and then put them in a new folder, this is time consuming, but worst of all in this way I loose my folders structure .

Hope to find a solution

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There isn’t a shortcut for this right now. If you could explain why you need that, that would be super hepful.

I made a assembly (Lets call it that for now) of 4 Components (folders) that each consist of several folders with bodies. It has a Moving part that I want to be able to select and turn around in all 12 different duplicates. Just being able to duplicate an entire folder would be very helpful. It would keep my organisation in order.

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I had a similar issue I posted in another thread. I imported a cad file for a shipping container, wanted to make copies of said container, but wanted them to be in separate folders.

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Thanks @sander and @Hux83, this is really helpful.

I have another example.
I am creating pumpkins using the Spokemaster carving patterns. I first download a pumpkin from Thingiverse.
I cut off the top.
I traced the pattern.
I extruded the pattern.
I then do a subtraction of the two parts.
My folder in this example only has 2 parts. A main pumpkin body and the lid. so it is not to hard to create a folder and then copy and past. In this example, i want always, the main pumpkin body to be unaltered. So I can do a 2nd, 3rd, 4th design, and so on. I can see a need for this as the number of items to be copied, or duplicated goes up. Anything that makes creating a projects, items quickly is need. or more automated.
If there is another similar way of performing this function let me know.

Thank You,
I love Shapr3d,