Making text follow curvature of circle

Hi. A potential client is asking if I can make text appear on the flat top surface of a cylinder, but following the curved perimeter of the (circular) edge. Is there some way to “bend” text to parallel a round edge like this?

Do these videos from Drew Shepherd help?
Or this one:

Sadly not.

I need to bend the text on a flat surface. Ideally I could use some software that’d run some kind of straight line through the midpoint of the text and allow me to warp it.

Any ideas on software I could run to achieve this and then import the shape into Shapr?

I use Corel Draw for that. Works great. Inkscape will do it as well. Of course there is Illustrator if you can afford it. Procreate will but not sure if it exports DXF. I’m sure there are others. Are you Win or Mac?