Manuel Bock in German

Hello everyone !
Is there a German translation of the Shapr3D bee manual somewhere that I can download?
Thank you for a short feedback!


Unfortunately, our manual is only available in English at the moment.

Based on a cursory look, Google Translate does a decent job at translating it to German – that might help. Note that at the moment translating directly at Google’s site does not work due to some strange network issues, but the built-in translation function on Chrome does.

Thanks for the answer! I'm trying to increase my performance and effectiveness with Shapr 3D and I need to understand the "fast ways"!
Is a translation planned later (perhaps after the update)?

Thanks again and best regards,

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An official translation is not on our mid-term roadmap. We’d love to be able to reach more users and we understand how language can be a barrier, but we’re also a fairly small company and at the moment can’t invest in translating all our documentation.

To help a bit, we integrated a Google Translate widget into our manual pages – look at the bottom for it. You could use that to create an autogenerated translation. It won’t be as perfect as a peer-reviewed professional translation would be, but it might get you started.