Localization for the Windows version, including Chinese is coming in ~3-6 months.

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I’ve been waiting for the setting options of the Chinese interface of windows system. Now it’s may 2022. Why haven’t I done it yet!

Prioritizing developments is always a very tough call. Our Windows app has the fastest growing customer base and we’re bombarded with well-founded requests – which we love getting, but we always have to make a choice. Localization is one of those tough decisions. It’s a difficult development, especially for languages with non-Latin character sets such as Chinese. It’s still on our roadmap, but I won’t try to make another promise right now on when it’d come. I’m sorry if it makes the app more difficult to use than it should be. We’ll get there.

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I’m waiting for Chinese.

2023.02.16 waiting for localization … :worried: