Material textures

Are there any plans to be able to add material textures down the line similar to what solid works has?

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Hi! AFAIK this is not on our near plans as we have other features that are prioritized now.
I will for sure share your feedback with our product team.

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Please give us textures!! :slight_smile: I model a lot of buildings for full color 3D-printing and now I have to export it to my computer and put textures on it…


As someone who is out of a job due to a COVID RIF, paying COBRA premiums, etc. with no income, it would be awesome to be able to show someone a more realistic concept, with a wood texture, without buying another $200/year app to export to just for that (and for letters/numbers).

Even the ability to import SVG or other images and then mask them within surfaces and/or them onto shaped surfaces would be a help.

Post process in another free app? Blender is pretty powerful. Learning curve, but plenty of tutorials.

Check out Jig Workshop on the appstore.

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You could also try out Morpholio Trace for a more manual/«traditional» rendering method.