Measurements between faces

Hi, still fairly illiterate with shapr but loving the learning curve. Question: is there a way of measuring (and showing the figures) the space between two faces. Eg is it possible by tapping on 2 faces of opposing bodies that would quickly show the measurement of the space in between?
Perhaps there is a way and It seems that it should be an easy hit?


Hey @Willis, welcome to the community. I am rally glad that you enjoy your first steps with Shapr3D.

Measurements appear in the bottom of the screen for selected objects, including faces:

Any answer?

Thanks and that is a help. Screenshot of an example that would be useful if i could instantly see the m2 of ‘dead space’

and measurements between the four faces selected


Yeah, I see. At this time one possible way is to create a sketch by projecting those faces to a plane. If you select the enclosed cross-section, Shapr3D will tell you the area of the selected surface