Measurement tools desperately needed

Measurement tools are needed. Measure angles, area, circumference, distance etc.

Beyond whats shown at the bottom of the screen, when tapping on various entities?

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To measure the distance between two edges, faces or bodies simply tap on them to have them selected and the distance between them will be displayed at the bottom of the workspace.
For plane surfaces without edges:

  • You can draw two lines across the surface at the points you want to measure the distance,
  • Tap on the lines to select them and the distance between the lines will be displayed as well at the bottom of the workspace

No need for a tool. It’s already there.

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I see your replies. Sure I see the info on the bottom.

Needed? Maybe not. Handy? I think so. Just a suggestion

Creating reference lines and snipping them later is kind of clunky.

Alibre Atom has a measurement tool that I use often.

Doing the guitar tuner tutorial I wanted to loft the flat gear at an angle to match the worm gear face. To find the angle I drew 2 lines and then erase them. A measurement tool with dashed lines that do not affect the the extrusion would be very handy I think. :crazy_face:

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