Mobile for new granddaughter


Wow I’m impressed!




You are without doubt a really nice fellow.
Now, can I ask what you are printing on and how you would tell us your printer(printers) experience?


Hi Svenito.
Firstly thank you for your really kind remarks.

My printers started out as Jgaurora A3 printers. I chose them because they looked sturdy. I say looked because when the first one arrived I was very surprised to find that the tower part wobbled backwards and forwards at an alarming rate and the prints were of a very poor quality.

Before I go further it is important to point out two things. Firstly I am not an expert. And secondly the cost of these machines is not excessive. I think it would be unreasonable to expect a very precise Swiss watch movement for the cost of a very inexpensive mass produced time piece. The printers were sold as a kit of parts which you assemble following the included instructions. There is little that can go wrong as long as you take your time.

I overcame the stability problem by designing and printing some brackets and purchased an Ikea bookcase that is mounted on wheels. With the printer fixed to the top of the bookcase and the addition of a few storage bins underneath I now have a printer work station that can be moved around my modelling room. The weight of the unit provides the mass to improve the print quality. The rubber wheels add vibration and sound dampening as well.

For the back up machine I purchased the same basic printer but this time changed the control boards and stepper drivers. I also measured and modelled the printers parts in Shapr3D before I assembled them. It was surprising how much knowledge I gained by fitting the parts together in the ipad first. There were many things I hadn’t noticed before. Especially on the hot end assembly.

I have spent many hours designing items in Shapr3D outputting the .stl file to my iCloud desktop. Importing the file into Simplify3D for slicing on my MacBook Pro. Saving the G code files onto a SD card that plugs into the printer.

The printer is a delivery system that is all. I don’t spend hours trying to get the finest prints I can. I have standard settings I use for different needs of the item being produced. These settings have changed as my experience has developed. They work for me but I would find it very hard to explain why or how they work.

Shapr3D on the other hand it is the key to getting the ideas into reality. The satisfaction of having and idea, drawing it on the iPad. Test printing on the machine I put together. Holding the item in my hand. Going back and modifying the design then testing again and eventually getting it to the this stage:-

Is the best feeling there is.

Best wishes


Absolutely well done!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore…


Thank you I really appreciate you kind words


This is so lovely Paul. I’m inspired by you to work on something like this for my daughter :slight_smile:


Wonderful. Thank you so much for saying that.
I hope you get as much enjoyment from creating on your software as I get creating on your software.
And remember if you get stuck there are a really nice bunch of guys on this forum who will always help you out. :joy:
Best wishes