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Finally we modeled and 3D printed our logo, and put it on our door :slightly_smiling:


Decided to model my desk to try out the new update of shapr3d - see picture below. Inset pictures are of the model rendered in i3D Viewer and then the wood texture was added using Procreate - all done on the ipad pro! I really like the ability to do chamfers quickly and accurately. The whole process took less than an hour - which is much faster than I could manage with other modelling apps. Being able to copy and paste objects will speed up workflow - looking forward to this feature.


OMG! That’s so awesome I can not find words! Seriously! Congrats. Can we share this on our facebook page?

edit: indeed with mentioning your name.


We will add copy paste this week, it will be included in the release on Friday.


Yes. Please do. Happy to share pics


WOW this is really amazing work and it is really cool that the whole workflow is iPad only.

Great job!


Model made using shapr3d and then rendered in i3D Viewer. Final pic (insert) was produced using Procreate - all done on the ipad pro - no PC involved. Colour and photo reference (tyres) placed over the rendered model using an ‘overlay’ blend mode. Will finish the model when copy and paste arrives - will do the tread on the tyres then!


This is so fantastic, we are absolutely blown away! :slight_smile: can I ask you how much time did it take you to make the Shapr part?


Supercool Andy! Very awesome.


Many thanks for the feedback guys


Hi there

Many thanks for the feedback. I think it took me between 3 and 4 hours. There is also some detail that you cannot see - gear lever, dashboard etc. It will be much quicker to produce this sort of model using copy and paste. But even so this has to be the fastest modelling application I have ever used. Having a reference image on the grid would also have helped me to get the proportions right. It would also be helpful if I could resize individual parts. When I make a part such as the door mirror, I am not sure it is the right size until I move it into position. What would be good is an extra function added to the move/rotate tool. How about a small cube icon at the middle of the object - click on it and pull to the right to enlarge the object, move the other way to make it smaller - anyway, just a thought.


Like the idea to resize objects.


Yeah, we will implement scaling next week.


Decided to give the app a really good test and model a revolver. Have done this with other modelling apps, but never tried in on the ipad pro. Once again - very fast workflow with shapr3d. The size of the stl file is about 150 MB, but the ipad seems to cope OK with this. I was able to upload the stl file to dropbox and then download it again into i3D viewer and it is rendering well. The only real issue I had was not being able to chamfer all of the edges. I think it is to do with how I am making some of the shapes before extruding - will have to experiment a bit with this. Anyway, great app - am really enjoying playing around with it! Andy


I think I have sorted out how to chamfer the edges on more complex shapes - all to do with the order that you do the chamfering in - see picture below - does this made sense?


Chamfered edges render really well!


Yes, order does matter in chamfering indeed, because continuous edges are filleted/chamfered together. So if a fillet operation makes two previously discontinuous edges continuous then indeed the following chamfer operations will have different results.

On the revolver: nice one. How long did it take compared to other modelers?


Probably took just over two hours to do the revolver. Needs a bit more detailing - probably another half an hour. I feel as if I am producing objects at least twice as fast as with other modelling programs eg Zbrush. I think the ease of drawing a line and extruding it makes a difference and the fact that I do not need to open up lots of menus to select different tools. With Zbrush if I havn’t used it for a few weeks, I forget how to access some of the tools and find myself having to re-learn. With Shapr3d I do most of the modelling with just the pencil and the occasional tool. It actually makes the process less intensive and more relaxing and enjoyable than more complicated programs. Hope this helps.


Ha ZBrush is a great tool, but the UI is horrible. So I can understand if you forgot things if you don’t use day in day out. Seeing you using Shapr3D and producing such great objects is cool and it’s a clear sign that design software doesn’t have to be complicated :wink: