Stroller Concept

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Hey Paul,

Granddaughter number two 11/20/18 … New Grandson coming around March 25th or 48 days :+1:t2::sunglasses:

I did a rough concept layout of a stroller for the fun of it … nothing is proportionally set in stone … I’ll probably double the size of the rear wheels & tires, beef up the tubing and so on … Ideally I should doodle the stroller concept out of bamboo…

The render is a low resolution done with solidworks … nothing fancy just trying to get a visual aid for directions…

I’ve been retired since June of 2002 … 17 years!!! How time flies!!!

Anyhooo Designing / doodling for kids and pets is becoming appealing to me in my old complacent age and juncture in Life especially utilizing Shapr3D in the comfort of my lounge chair!!! :crazy_face:


Hey vey excited to see these! Wish you and the newcomers all the best

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Thank You Hamed!!! Very exciting times for sure!!! :sunglasses:

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Congratulations and welcome to the latest member of the Romulus empire.

It is more fun being Grandad at that early stage than it was being dad! All you have to do is tell the kids where they are going wrong. Then go back to your favourite chair and start drawing again.

I have never tried to render any of my drawings I don’t really know how. Could you give me a brief outline of what I should do. There is a project I am working on for my granddaughter which it might come in handy.

I like the stroller. Well done.

Best wishes to you and your family


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Very nice! Congratulations on the grandchildren.

I too am a lounge recliner Shapr. Trying to show some something in Shapr while standing up or at a table does not work well for me.




Thank You Paul!!!

You have got that so right!!! It’s extraordinarily fun being a grandparent!!!

As far as rendering, I know some in this forum are using Fusion 360 with some exceptional results … I’m currently using Solidworks. There’s quite a few programs to select from for texturing and rendering effects.

I’d certainly try to render your project in the mean time if you’d like to email me the file? All I’d need is some directions of what you want to achieve…

Thank You again on the stroller!!!

All in Fun!!! :sunglasses:

Thank You Tommy!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses: