Modeling Bathroom furniture for my Home

I decided to simulate the full atmosphere, which would determine the size and configuration. Starting from the Faucet wand and ending with a mirror with walls.The result in the pictures. You can start to make. After manufacturing, I will supplement with new photographs of furniture and mirrors already made.
Again I was confronted with the limitations of the free version and could not work with COLOR.
I wiped away a tear and I have to think over the whole color scheme in other programs or in my head :slight_smile:



Nice! Curious, what is a crane? Faucet wand?

Maybe. I translate the whole text into Google translation

Finally, we completed everything. And I can upload a photo.


Very nice! Custom or purchased items off the shelf? In what country?

Sorry for all the questions…



Of course custom. Made according to my design. But as you can see, the performers suggest some details to be done differently. Anti-fog LED mirror. With touch buttons under the mirror