Table and Chairs Fit Modeling


I am designing an independent 20’ x 25’ Accessory Dwelling Unit aka Granny Shack that will be attached to our main house. Should our financial fortunes decline, my wife and I may live there and we will rent out the main house which is 5 X larger. So the question arises, how would some of our current furniture fit. We eat most meals at table/chairs in our breakfast nook area and not in the dining room. So I modeled these table/chairs using the new beta version. Along with learning new stuff in the beta, bug reporting, etc this took about 8 hours. Given the diversions and learning curve, I probably reproduce this from scratch now in less than 4 hours.

You get the idea of the workflow: table, chair, ensemble, in situ. I was pleased to see that this would work and I can now show this to my wife for her approval.

The table was easy to model (just took a few measurements) but the chair was more involved. I wanted to try a technique other than taking a picture and importing. Tried a big block approach, which worked well starting here.

Some progressions…

I used the section view several times to position sketches; quite useful.

To recap, this is a quick and dirty, yet realistic modeling effort with real life value.

Shapr3D Pro version costs a bit but the results (in my case, domestic tranquility) are priceless.




Happy wife, happy Life… :man_shrugging:t4::sunglasses:


Thanks for reminding me that I was working on a living room layout over the holidays. It has slipped down the project list.



…I’d design entirely new furniture for a granny shack.

While I was building a master bath walk-in shower for a retired client who restores old Porches on the side, he gave me a walkthrough of he & his wife’s AirStream Bambi and that renovation he did 5 years ago was excellent. He paid $25K for it, added about $9K… and they load it up every weekend and see the West in the summer months. Granny shack or popped garage are great, but getting out and seeing the world are priceless - esp. when your main home is generating net proceeds…

Here’s a pic of what how his & her master shower turned out. (He used to wrench/race cars for a living; he hand-drew every tile for his installation on graph paper. I provided about 25% input on this final design. I’m age 39, an interior finish-fabricator about 20 years now. …He’s early 70’s I think. [architect’s triangle ruler, the sketches were super accurate, with about 3/8" after install when we bench tested his sketches.

Sketching & drawing is invaluable, that’s my takeaway, the faster & more accurate your ideation, the better…AND LISTENING, LEARNING from other MASTERS]. Cheers


Thanks for your post. I will be doing custom designs for the interior of the ADU. The table and chairs model was just to get a feel for the space with furniture that we knew.