Nail drill holder

My wife-like creature decided to start doing her own nails. Asked me to make a holder for her device.

2hrs of designing and 8 hrs printing. I used the 0.2mm noise feature in the slicer for the outer skin. Looks cool but it will be a dust collector and adds about 30 minutes to the print. Next time I will leave it a 0.1mm and see what happens.

I used the ironing feature on the very top surfaces. Works okay, added 15 minutes to the print.

I am warming up to the history panel. I had bad experiences in Alibre design’s implementation of it.

Nice. Layer height 0.2mm? What filament did you use?

I used speed .2 setting and Polymaker PLA Pro. Nice stuff. Have to have care with the cardboard reels.

I wanted to do it bigger so it incorporated storage for the device and burs, but she poo pooed that.

So I thought about this holder and what if Amazon had a designers place to upload 3D models that complimented products they sold? like a 3D market place. Where I could upload my model and the buyer of the drill could see my related model, download and print it or use a print service to print it for them. I could sell the model for $.50 or a buck and amazon could take a percentage. Like a 3D product sphere…

This is not the first or the last thing I will make for her for something she purchased on Amazon.

Imagine a time in the future where we all have an appliance in our homes the size of an oven where we can print things like plates, forks, combs, etc instead of waiting for delivery. Where we can buy models from a catalog…

3D printers are becoming more prolific.

I erred. The fillament was “Overture PLA Pro”.

For selling models, check out (among others). They recently added the store feature as discussed in this blog post.

I am aware of those. They are too far removed from the products that are complimented by third party designs.